Zucchini Noodles with Pesto Sauce

by Gwen October 5, 2010

It actually rained in LA today.  Seriously?  This came as an extra shock to Firat and I after our 95 degree weekend in Cabo.  So when dinner time rolled around we were looking for something warm and comforting and also wholesome to make up for our weekend of indulgence. So we figured, hey, let’s pick […]

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Creamy Southwestern Dressing

by Gwen September 29, 2010

Yet another post on my crusade to rid the world of bottled salad dressings.  Mixing up a fresh dressing barely takes 3 minutes out of your day and maximizes the flavor of your salad.  Plus, dressings can be made from the most basic items of your pantry – vinegars, oils, garlic, spices, and are further […]

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Spinach Sauté with Apples, Dried Fruit and Pine Nuts

by Gwen August 20, 2010

Ok, so I’m on a spinach kick.About a month ago, we met my cousin Constance (à la stuffed acorn squash) and her beau in Vegas.  Our first night there we ate a rather generic meal at yet another one of those modern tapas restaurants.  But to our shock, the best plate that evening was a […]

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Baby Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing

by Gwen July 13, 2010

Hello friends, remember me?  It’s that old blog you’ve forgotten about. Today I thought I’d post some old-school deliciousness: spinach salad with warm bacon dressing. Here’s my spin on the 100-year-old classic.  Traditionally its a wilted salad, but that’s because the recipe was concocted when there was only one type of spinach readily available: the […]

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Asparagus Soup

by Gwen May 19, 2010

Wowie wow, it’s been a while!  Sorry for the delay in posting, but don’t worry, I still made it in time to celebrate spring veggies!  As you’ve probably surmised from its frequent appearance as a side dish in my posts, the bf and I are biiiig asparagus fans.  So when I saw that 3lb bag […]

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Balsamic Grilled Pork

by keebot March 22, 2010

Once again!  HORRIBLE picture!  I apologize internet food blogging posh world. Nonetheless!   This is a quick and easy dinner option.   I personally love the taste of pork.  It has it’s own complex flavors that I enjoy more than chicken but is definitely not as intense as beef.  I’ve made versions of this recipe […]

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A Medley of Roasted Veggies

by keebot March 22, 2010

I love veggies.  My life/meal/body/face/soul feels incomplete unless I have them several times a day.  Here is a quick and healthy way to get your veg on. 2 medium red potatoes, cut to inch squares 2 medium purple potatoes, cut to inch squares half a head of cauliflower, divided to bite size 1 zucchini, sliced […]

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Sweet Chili Glazed Salmon

by Gwen March 21, 2010

Ok, ok, so this recipe is almost straight out of this month’s bon appetit.  Like, cover image, straight out.  And the only reason it’s “almost” rather than “exactly”, is that I lacked some of the ingredients in my pantry and there were no sugar snap peas at the farmer’s market on saturday  (maybe next week, […]

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Apple Graham Cracker Surprise

by keebot March 14, 2010

OMG March 14th is Pie Day! The “pie” does not win points on looks (neither do pictures taken at night from the iPhone) but it tastes so yum! I was already using the oven and decided to throw a dessert together. However, I am pretty lazy and decided not to make a dough. Therefore, I […]

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Thai Summer Rolls

by Gwen March 8, 2010

I’m a big summer roll fan.  No lie, I’ll take it over a deep fried spring or egg roll any day of the week.  They’re light and super refreshing, and I enjoyed how, once you get over the intimidation factor, how incredibly simple they are to make and customize to your liking. This is a […]

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